Le Week-end // 04.05.13



// This week felt surprisingly busy! On Wednesday, my boss left on vacation for 2+ weeks and I was trying to get a lot of work done before she left so she could sign off on it. Then I had a few after-work engagements with friends and coworkers, which is unusual for me, but good, since I’m trying to be more social (remember?).

// The best thing about this week? The fact that one of my very good friends from college is moving to NYC today- yippee! I’m so excited to see her and I’m already looking forward to the adventures we’ll have in the city together.

// Last weekend involved a whole lot of doing nothing, which I like. I almost cleaned out my closet, but then I got overwhelmed so I didn’t. I’m going to try again this weekend though!

// I’ve been feeling the shopping itch really strongly recently, but I’m trying not to buy anything until after I clean out my closet so I have a better idea of what I need. I’ve only been semi-successful at holding off because I did pick up some basic tees from Everlane and these cute boots from Piperlime, but I returned the boots because they weren’t as versatile as I’d hoped.

// On Thursday, I took some of my coworkers to one of my favorite places for a cheap and delicious sit-down lunch, Qi (that’s where the picture above was taken).  I’ve been to both the Union Square and Time Square locations and I like that they’re decorated differently. The Times Square location is all about white and clear lucite furniture with a little bit of sparkle in the chandeliers, while the Union Square is a lot darker and moodier and has these cool little ships hanging down from the ceiling.

// I went to drinks with some coworkers again on Thursday.  That’s two weeks in a row- I’m on a roll! Again, it was really great to talk to them outside of a work setting and get to know them a little better. Yay for socializing- it can be a ton of fun (haha, I’m sure some of you are reading this and you’re like, “duh!“)!

// This weekend I’m looking forward to a birthday dinner for one of my friends, which will be great since I’ll get to see all of my closest NYC friends.

// I discovered this tumblr through The Cut earlier this week. Hot guys and cute kittens? Yah, you’re going to want to click through!