Friday Link Love 09.

christmas tree ornaments, christmas tree decorations, christmas tree gold and, christmas tree presents What a week! Anyone else feel like they are just slogging through, trying to make it until the holidays? At the beginning of this week I was feeling a teensy bit frantic, but then I made a cup of tea and sat down to write out my to do list. Now I just have work on checking things off my list, such as sending out my Christmas cards (check! I’m mostly done- there are just a few left that I hope I’ll be able to hand deliver). I was also worried that the presents I’d ordered online wouldn’t arrive in time, but thankfully everything came on Wednesday. This weekend I have a few social activities planned and then I’d also like to squeeze in some reading time. I’m currently rereading Jane Eyre and I’d like to finish it by Tuesday so that I don’t have to travel with it (it’s a pretty big book). What are you up to this weekend?

– I’ve pretty much been listening to this one Sam Smith Christmas song on repeat (his voice!).

РPacking well and having things organized makes me so happy. The Everygirl shared 3 tips for packing your carry-on.

– I thought this New Yorker article about YouTube and Vine stars was really interesting.

Eva Chen talked to Fashionista about how she shops.

– An article about how my favorite NYC bookstore, the Strand, has stayed in business for so many years.

– Natalie has been killing it with her holiday posts this month!

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  1. says

    Making lists is always very helpful. I need one to help me make the most of this weekend!

    I totally agree with Eva Chen on saving everything for my future daughter/granddaughter… I love the few things I’ve gotten from my own Grandmother and I hope to have a pretty nice collection to pass on by the time I’m 90 too… hahah

    Chic on the Cheap

    • says

      I wish my parents had saved more of their stuff. I see awesome clothes in pictures or they tell me about cool things that they had, but they didn’t save any of it! It would be so cool to have stuff to pass down, so I better start saving now :)

    • says

      I’m happy to do so- I’ve loved every single one! I’m glad you like the Sam Smith song :) I’ve had it on repeat and I may have teared up a few times!